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Come for the Meditation, Stay for the Community
Meditation Classes  - regular meditation gatherings with Mindy Ribner and
Beit Miriam

Spiritual Pilgrimages to Israel - accelerate your spiritual growth and
personal healing in a way that is only possible in the Land of Israel.

Private Counseling - Spiritual transformation and Healing: Individual
sessions in person and on the telephone.

Life Cycle Events - Be supported spiritually through your important life cycle

Customized Meditations - Customized Spiritual Readings and Meditations  
for individuals seeking healing and transformation.

Semicha Training - professional training program in Jewish/kabbalistic
meditation, spiritual counseling, and healing

Invite Mindy to your Community - Workshop have been presented to
communities of all types and in various locations throughout the United States
and abroad.
Visit our Audio Resources page for free
meditation and lesson MP3 downloads!

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