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Non-Rabbinical Spiritual Semicha
Be certified as a meditation teacher, spiritual counselor, and kabbalistic healer

Beit Miriam began its professional training program in Jewish/kabbalistic meditation,
spiritual counseling, and healing in November 2002 in New York and January 2003 in
Florida. The programs have been absolutely amazing. As hoped, the groups have
attracted wonderful open-hearted people from a diverse range of backgrounds and
affiliations within Judaism who share a love of meditation, and Judaism and who are
deeply committed to growing together spiritually in knowledge and spiritual practice.
People have already begun to teach professionally and use the powerful meditation
techniques in a spiritual counseling practice.

What makes this training program very unique is that it offers a powerful a combination
of meditation, counseling, and healing experience and training for both personal and
professional growth. Furthermore, at the completion of this program will receive s'micha
from Mindy that may be further authorized by a Beit Din, a rabbinical court of highly
esteemed rabbis. This authorization will add spiritual power and credibility to the
individual. This may translate into wider commercial opportunity such as access to teach
and counsel in synagogues, as a chaplain in hospitals and in various community

Beit Miriam is offering semicha to participants because this is what Mindy received from
my rebbe Reb Shlomo Carlebach and she is following in his footsteps. S'micha, long
associated with rabbinical ordination, is essentially a private initiation and transmission
in the Jewish lineage between a teacher and disciple empowering the disciple to
become a teacher. In the future, it is possible that Beit Miriam in conjunction with rabbis
affiliated with it, will be able to offer a full rabbinical semicha to select and qualified
individuals in addition to the non-rabbinical semicha it currently offers. Beit Miriam
believes that a personal semicha, though it may not enjoy the credibility of an
institutionalized one, is more satisfying and powerful because it is a personal soul

Because we have been receiving requests to join the program, Beit Miriam will offer
another round of classes in New York beginning, G-d willing, in the near future.  As it is
Mindy's intention to travel between California, Florida, Arizona and possibly Colorado,
we would like to make available this wonderful program to people in those locations. It is
also possible if a community can organize a minyan of people, she will travel to that
location as well.  Find out how you can
invite Mindy to your community.

contact Mindy if you would like additional information about the program.
" I worked privately with Mindy for two years before entering the Beit Miriam spiritual semicha
professional training program. The work that I have done with Mindy has been transformational.
I have developed a much deeper understanding of Judaism and the richness of Jewish
practice. As a psychotherapist, I have learned additional skills to help my clients in their healing
work. I have opened up in ways that I never expected.  Mindy Ribner has a way of making the
deep teachings of Judaism accessible and personally relevant. I recommend her to anyone
who wants to connect to the deep spiritual tradition of Judaism and to strengthen their
relationship with God."

Carolyn Cohen.

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