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Come for the Meditation, Stay for the Community
Bring Miriam Shulamit (Mindy) Ribner
to your community, shul, or school
for day-long or evening workshops
Below are general workshop topics that can be combined and tailored to meet the
needs and interests of your group. Single Sessions are generally around two hours in
duration. Day-long sessions are generally 5-6 hours. Workshop material can be
integrated into a scholar-in residence program involving a number of sessions over a
weekend, a week, or two.

Workshops for All Levels

New Moon Celebrations
According to Kabbalah, the Jewish calendar is a road map for personal
transformation, the original twelve-step program. Each month brings in new energies
and unique opportunities to realize ones potential and overcome the limitations
hindering the true expression of one's essence. Learn what the energy is for this
upcoming month we are entering and how to grow and flow this month. The new moon
is a most auspicious time for meditation for what we open to at the time of the new
moon shapes our experience for the entire month. This workshop is based on the
material in my book Kabbalah Month by Month.

Beginning a Jewish Meditation Practice or a Meditation Group
An introductory workshop(s) on the basics of Jewish Meditation addresses the most
basic questions: What is Jewish meditation, what are the various forms of Jewish
meditation, how is it similar and different than other forms of meditation and how a
person can easily introduce a practice of meditation for personal healing and spiritual
growth. This workshop includes lecture, questions and answers and guided
meditation. This workshop is based on the material in my book Everyday Kabbalah.

NEW!  Kabbalah of the Feminine (Women Only)
Kabbalah tells us that it will be women and/or the feminine principle that will lead the
new order to heal our so very troubled world. What is the power of the Feminine?
What has been and will be its contribution in the future? Why has it been hidden until
modern times? Why does Miriam, the ancient prophetess of biblical times emerge as
the leading symbol of the power of the Feminine today?

Kabbalah holds the keys for spiritual empowerment, helping women to fulfill their
spiritual mission for themselves as women and for the world. The spiritual needs of
women are best met by women sharing and learning in the way that women learn
which is different than the way men teach or learn.  These workshops on the Feminine
provide a wonderful learning and celebration of the Feminine.

Meditation and Healing
Much more than a stress reducer, meditation is a most powerful vehicle of healing on
all levels of being of a person-physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
Powerful breathing,guided prayer, meditation and dyad processes are tailored to the
individual needs of people present to effect healing and personal transformation.
Additionally, you will go home with specific ways to pray and meditate that will promote
healing for yourself and others.

Enhancing Prayer
Our sages placed the deepest secrets of creation, prophecy and meditation right into
our prayer book but for many it remains a closed book, no matter how many times we
look at it and say its words. We pray and pray and yet we feel that we remain the
same. How can we pray so we feel nourished and excited to be alive? We will look at
the inner structure of the prayer book and well known prayers such as the Shema,
and the Amidah, as well as various psalms, and commonly sung songs such as Adon
Olom and Yigdal to experience their awesome depth and transformational power. This
workshop will help to unlock the secrets of prayer, enabling you to pray with a Siddur
so that you feel empowered, loved, healed and grateful for the opportunity and
privilege of prayer. This workshop will strengthen the most important and lasting
relationship you have in life; that is, with yourself and God.

Inner Learning through Meditation
This workshop is the address for the theological questions of knowledge and faith that
you have carried inside but were afraid to ask or never received sufficient answers.
This workshop explores theoretically and experientially basic Jewish concepts such as
the nature of God, the human soul, the oneness of God, transformational
opportunities of Jewish holidays, weekly Torah portions, Maimonides Thirteen
Principles of Faith, etc.

This is the place for your questions to be heard deeply and not just on the surface.
Through learning of relevant texts, prayers and primarily through meditation and
group processes, this workshop is designed for you to experience the deepest
teachings of Judaism, and receive the answers to your questions inside your own
being. Learning through meditation involves your entire being- your mind, heart, soul,
and body rather than just the intellect that is usually addressed in Jewish classes. The
experience of this kind of meditative learning is holy and it is transformational,
providing access to the inner knowing within each of us, enabling us to live life more
authentically from the inside out, rather than the outside in.

New Age Judaism
Many things we associate with the New Age movement such as meditation, angels,
holistic healing, vegetarianism, reincarnation, unitary consciousness, personal
transformation are not new but are part of kabbalah. Kabbalah also has relevant
prophecies that are essential to know at this most auspicious time in history that we
live. Named after my book
New Age Judaism, this workshop will present teachings and
answer questions that people have about Judaism and its message and relevance to
our time. Because my book was written before September 11th, some of this material
that will be presented in this workshop was not included in my book. With hindsight
after September 11th, the Zohar, a most basic kabbalistic text, emerges as prophetic
text revealing important information that we need to understand to make sense of what
is really going on in our world at this time.

Who Am I Really? — Living Authentically
According to Reb Zusya, a beloved Jewish saint," I will not be asked in heaven when I
die, why was I not like Moshe, but why was I not Zusya??" Our life mission is to be
ourselves and make the kind of contributions that our souls agreed to before entering
into this world. This is an experiential self -discovery workshop to access the inner
truth of who we are and to support us in living more fully from that place of
authenticity. Special meditations, powerful psycho-spiritual processes, dyads, group
processes and individual facilitation will help peel off layers of self, allowing for greater
access and release of feelings, unblocking deep buried emotions, healing of
childhood wounding, and reconnecting with one's true essence so as to live more
authentically from the heart and soul. This work is an outgrowth of my work as a
psychotherapist using meditation as part of treatment.

Strengthening Jewish Identity
Growing up in our parents' home we receive all kinds of messages from them about
who we are and who we should be as people and as Jews. The workshop through
meditation, and interactive processes will address theforces that have impacted on
our current Jewish identity. We will gain insight into choices we have made in our life to
express our Jewish identity such as what kind of Jew we are, how Jewish we want to
be, whether we are proud of being a Jew, whether we feel deep inside that it is safe to
be a Jew, or even if we are embarrassed or ashamed of being a Jew. Becoming more
aware of the messages we have received either consciously and unconsciously from
our parents is not only extremely fascinating, but it gives us the capacity to make more
conscious choices for ourselves as adults.

Workshops for Advanced Meditators

Introductory experiential workshops in Meditative Kabbalah
Within the body of knowledge that is known as Kabbalah are powerful teachings and
meditative practices to heighten spiritual awareness and transform your life. Drawing
on the meditative practices and teachings of Rabbis Isaac Luria, or Joseph Gikatilla,
or Abraham Abulaffia, or Reb Nachman of Breslov, Ibn Paquda and/or the Alter Rebbe
of Lubavitch and others weaved into breathing techniques and guided visualization,
this workshop will enable a person to let go of limiting concepts of self and God, and
receive direct insight into the answers to the deeper questions of life. This is
meditative learning. Similar to the Inner learning through meditation workshops, the
teachings and the meditations of this workshop are more intricate, deeper and more
powerful. This workshop(s) are recommended for people with some meditation or
Jewish background.

Kabbalistic Tantra, The Bliss of Spiritual Intimacy
The most intimate experience of our own soul and its connection to God is found
within kabbalistic meditation. Through specific breathing, visualization, and meditation
techniques, kabbalistic meditation becomes a kind of lovemaking between the Divine
and the human soul,transforming our experience of our own body to that of a holy
temple, receiving and containing the presence of God. For those who want to be filled
with divine love and rapture, this workshop is for you.

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