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Meditation Classes

Jewish meditation is an ancient tradition. Many Jewish sages claim to have reached
the high spiritual heights that they did through meditation. Jewish meditation
illuminates Jewish thought, inspires Jewish practice, and elevates Jewish prayer.
Though meditation is at the heart of Jewish prayer, study, and the performance of
Jewish ritual, meditation is also a separate spiritual practice in its own right.

As taught in Beit Miriam, Jewish meditation, in its initial stages, through breathing
techniques, visualization, mantra, chanting, prayer, contemplation and learning, is
primarily a way to loosen a person's identification with the ego-mind of all its
judgments, fears, doubts and limiting ideas so that he or she may hear and
experience the soul within.

Through access to the soul dimension within oneself, a person is guided to the
direct experience of the Shechinah, the divine Presence, as well as in the
strengthening of the relationship with the Holy One,
Yud Hay Vav Hay, as prescribed
in Jewish practice and texts. It is this experience with both the immanence and
transcendence of the Divine that heals, liberates and transforms a person, making
meditation a most powerful tool for personal healing of the practitioner physically,
emotionally, and spiritually.

Beginning Jewish Meditation
The focus of the beginning classes of Beit Miriam is to use meditation as a vehicle to
impart the deepest fundamental teachings of Judaism such as the oneness of
God,the nature of the soul, the purpose of the human being and creation, the
kabbalistic energies of each month, the essence of Jewish holidays so a person
experiences and integrates these profound teachings within one's being, not just
through one's intellect.

As a person capacity to concentrate and experience Godliness through the Jewish
meditation increases, his limiting ideas of who he is and who God are replaced
through direct experience. He has more faith, trust and joy in life. His hunger and
desire for Godliness and for self-actualization increase as well as his commitment to
meditation, prayer and Jewish practice. This is a good sign, for the greater the
yearning, the greater the opening, and the deeper the experiences will be.

As a student progress in his or her practice, the meditative experiences continue to
deepen, increasing the capacity to experience and contain higher vibrations
resulting from the meditative practice. Such as person is then introduced to the
practice of meditative kabbalah.

Mediative Kabbalah
More on meditative kabbalah coming soon.
"We waited a long time to find a teacher who could transmit authentic Jewish spiritual practices
from our tradition. Miriam ( Mindy) has the unique capability of inspiring and imparting to a broad
spectrum of people from Orthodox to the non-affiliated. She communicates from the deepest of
all places: from that sacred place inside where she sees, sits, stands, and listens in the
presence of God"
Debra and Phil Shenefelt, Tampa, Florida

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