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Come for the Meditation, Stay for the Community
Be supported Spiritually through Your
Important Life Cycle Events  

Births, Engagements, Weddings, Anniversaries, Divorce, Retirement, Grief
Counseling, Dying and Funerals.      

As your spiritual coach for your important life cycle event, whether it be a happy or a
sad one, Miriam Shulamit (Mindy Ribner) will be there for you fully, offering
individualized kabbalistic and Jewish teachings, guided meditation, healing,  
guidance and counseling as needed to help you and family members be calm,
present, with open hearts to truly grow through this event. Additionally, Miriam will
help you create meaningful rituals for yourself and/or  will guide your participation in
existing rituals so you will have spiritually nourishing, life affirming and emotionally
bonding rituals to mark this important life cycle event.  And most importantly should
you desire, Miriam will offer her physical presence to support you directly at your
important life cycle event.   

Miriam Shulamit (Mindy Ribner), Director of Beit Miriam, is a licensed social worker,
and is ordained as a
mashipiya and rabbinical pastor by Rabbi Zalman Schecter
“Mindy, your presence throughout my wedding process -- before, during, and after -- added so
much depth and sensitivity to my process of becoming a bride. Your insights helped me tune in
emotionally, spiritually and Jewishly to what it means to become a bride in the inner and outer
realm. Your leadership, sensitivity, and tremendous wisdom inspired me and those around me
to create a wedding that truly encapsulated what marriage means to me. Without you, it would
have been very difficult to uncover these layers. Thank you, Mindy, for all of your help
throughout the entire weekend. Thanks to you I felt calm, joyful, mindful, and present at every
moment of the wedding weekend. Every bride should be so lucky as to have you as her guide.

Vered Hankin Kaufman

“My heart speaks of Mindy Ribner in with much love and gratitude for having her in my life and in
my family's life. She is a deep, spiritual, angelic soul who is there in a "holy" way to help others.
She is more than a therapist, a rabbi, a friend...she is truly a gift from Hashem for all who are
blessed to have met her.   She not only helped me out of a complete nervous breakdown, with
her soft and spiritual tenderness, she helped my cousin while she was dying at a very young
age of ovarian cancer, even from afar. My cousin a frightened wonderful soul, young, no
husband, no children, did not want to die. She was in such denial as her body broke down and
the cancer spread throughout causing terrible pain and suffering. nevertheless, she wanted to
live and fight her cancer forever. Unfortunately for her, G-d had different plans for her and her
fight to hold on, though heroic, was excruciatingly painful, for her, and for those who loved her.
Mindy Ribner had only met my cousin in person 5-6 times and then had to leave for her Florida
winter last year. Well, when we reached out to Mindy to help my shriveling cousin, not only was
she was there, she was our rescuer. Mindy was an integral part in helping my cousin to find
inner peace through her pain and suffering. She did this all over the phone which we held to my
cousin's ear as she gasped for breaths just to listen. She helped my cousin to finally let go and
trust G-d, whom she never believed in before, just through speaking with Mindy or listening to
Mindy over the telephone. She heard Mindy's spiritual messages when she no longer could talk
due to her lungs having been filled up with fluid and cancer, and when she weighed less than
75 lbs and was cringing in pain.. Had it not been for Mindy's touching, loving and spiritual
manner, I honestly don't believe my cousin would ever have passed in peace. They even said
the shema together on the phone 2 days before my cousin passed on.
She let go and she let go peacefully, because of the heart and  soul of
Mindy Ribner. Melinda Ribner is a true gift from G-d to all of us. "

Melinda Lowell Paltrow

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