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Come for the Meditation, Stay for the Community
Spiritual Pilgrimages to Israel:
Not Your Standard Synagogue Tour

Next Trip:  June 2007
Visualize yourself spending ten days to two
weeks in Israel in the company of the most
beautiful open-hearted men and women with a
daily option of meditation, kabbalistic learning,
yoga or chi-gung, along with psycho-spiritual
group processes to integrate your growth and
healing, while traveling to the powerful spiritual
energy spots in Israel. Visit new age and religious
communities, meet with beautiful Israelis, meet
widely acclaimed rebbes and spiritual leaders
and learn with some of the most wonderful,
dynamic teachers in Israel today
This is not the standard synagogue trip or tourist trip to Israel, rather it is a unique and rare
opportunity for you to support and accelerate your spiritual growth and personal healing in a
way that is only possible in the Land of Israel.

Highlights of this trip may include relaxation at a health spa at the Dead Sea, a sunrise climb to
Massada with an onsite meditation, days and evenings to meditate and explore the beauty of the
Negev desert, an ecstatic Shabbat at the Carlebach moshav, the awesome festivities and
learning in Jerusalem, culminating with a gala community event in our honor on the last night, a
mystical Shabbat in Tzefat, meditative hikes in the Judean Mountains and the beautiful nature
spots in the Galilee and Golan Heights and so much more.

Melinda (Mindy) Ribner serves as your spiritual guide along with a special licensed Israeli tour
guide with our own air conditioned bus to assure that this trip will be transformational, healing,
and memorable. Comfortable to deluxe hotels and two meals a day included in costs.

Contact Mindy for upcoming dates and costs. Next trip: June 2007
"Mindy does everything she can to have her finger on the pulse of the places to be and to
experience. Having personal connections to many interesting people, Mindy is able to take the
group to events and experiences not readily available to a regular tour or to lone travelers.  
Through my trip with Mindy, I was able to make connections with people living in Israel and I
was able to stay on longer after the trip was over to further explore and learn. I would not have
been able to meet these people and make these connections on my own. I am very grateful for
Mindy's genuine love for Israel and its people and her caring desire to share with others."

Tehilla Newman

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