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Come for the Meditation, Stay for the Community
Beit Miriam holds alternative gatherings for most of the Jewish holidays—Rosh
Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Chanukah, Tu B'Shevat, Purim, Passover and Shavuos. We
also come together for Rosh Chodesh (new moon celebrations) each month and
occasional Shabbosim.

It is the intention of Beit Miriam to be a welcoming place for Jews of all affiliations as
well as for non-Jews. While carefully respectful of halacha, Beit Miriam offers a
newmodel for prayer gatherings that is creative, dynamic, holistic, and more intimate
than what is available in any current synagogue whether it is reform or orthodox. Not
bound to the repetition of traditional liturgy, there is always something new to
experience at Beit Miriam for the spirit of God is always creating new each moment. No
two gatherings are ever the same, but every gathering is filled with the presence of
love, joy, blessing, and holiness.

Shabbat and holiday gatherings include guided meditation, chanting,kabbalistic
learning, some traditional liturgy, dyad sharing and a festive kiddush and kosher
gourmet vegetarian and live foods meal. New Moon gatherings (Rosh Chodesh) impart
the deep teachings and meditation for the particular energies of the upcoming month
along with live music, drum circles, and open mics.

For many people Beit Miriam is a door into Judaism. Because of its fundamental
emphasis on meditation, Beit Miriam is an important bridge particularly for people who
have practiced to Eastern meditation practices. Most prayers or chants are in English
or are transliterated for non-Hebrew speaking people. For others affiliated or
committed to Jewish practice and learning, Beit Miriam is a supplement to regular
synagogue participation, offering a powerful injection of spirituality and novelty that is
sometimes lacking in many synagogues.

Beit Miriam is an accepting, non-judgmental community where people of diverse
backgrounds learn better to honor and accept all dimensions of themselves and each
other. Because Beit Miriam emphasizes the personal subjective spiritual experience, it
is non-dogmatic. Through heart-opening prayer and meditation it is easy for people to
experience their intrinsic unity and love with each other.

See our
calendar for information on upcoming gatherings.

"Your holiday gatherings are incredibly powerful. I know of no one else who creates such a deep
and powerful authentically Jewish experience. Your teachings access the mind, heart, and soul
and I am a changed person for having experienced them. Thank you for bringing these Jewish
teachings to life."
                                                                             Vered Hankin, Chicago, Illinois

"Shabbat with Mindy is a visit to paradise. She opens the heart to an experience of how the
world should be. I wish everyone could experience such true joy and awesome love. It would
heal the world"
                                                                            Judith Weiss, Delray Beach, Florida

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