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Come for the Meditation, Stay for the Community
Testimonials from Students

What are people saying about Beit Miriam and Mindy Ribner?

"Your holiday gatherings are incredibly powerful. I know of no one else who creates such a deep
and powerful authentically Jewish experience. Your teachings access the mind, heart, and soul
and I am a changed person for having experienced them. Thank you for bringing these Jewish
teachings to life."
                                                                              Vered Hankin, Chicago, Illinois

"Shabbat with Mindy is a visit to paradise. She opens the heart to an experience of how the world
should be. I wish everyone could experience such true joy and awesome love. It would heal the
                                                                             Judith Weiss, Delray Beach, Florida

We waited a long time to find a teacher who could transmit authentic Jewish spiritual practices
from our tradition. Miriam ( Mindy) has the unique capability of inspiring and imparting to a broad
spectrum of people from Orthodox to the non-affiliated. She communicates from the deepest of all
places: from that sacred place inside where she sees, sits, stands, and listens in the presence of
                                                                              Debra and Phil Shenefelt, Tampa, Florida

"Our conversation before Yom Kippur so centered me. I got off the phone and said to myself...
That woman is my rebbe. I don't think I ever quite felt that about a teacher and myself. You teach
me what I need to learn in the way I need to learn it. Because of you I was able to open my hands
to God and get what I needed in order to serve people well on Yom Kippur."
                                                                             Susan Mitrany Knapp, Jewish Theological            
                                                                             Seminary, 4th year student.

"I would like to recommend my dearest friend and teacher to any and all who seek one who walks
her talk and talks her heart. She has been a source of blessings, teachings and insight since we
first met. She helped reintroduce me to my Jewish roots with skillful care and guidance and
inspired me to continue to journey deeper into the ever illuminating truth of Torah. She has been a
true friend, ever holding me in her caring light. I have also on many occasions observed how
others been deeply touched by her wise and loving presence. "
                                                                             Nitzan Sitzer, Israel.

"Mindy, your presence throughout my wedding process -- before, during, and after -- added so
much depth and sensitivity to my process of becoming a bride.  Your insights helped me tune in
emotionally, spiritually and Jewishly to what it means to become a bride in the inner and outer
realm. Your leadership, sensitivity, and tremendous wisdom inspired me and those around me to
create a wedding that truly encapsulated what marriage means to me. Without you, it would have
been very difficult to uncover these layers. Thank you, Mindy, for all of your help throughout the
entire weekend. Thanks to you I felt calm, joyful, mindful, and present at every moment of the
wedding weekend. Every bride should be so lucky as to have you as her guide."
                                                                              Vered Hankin Kaufman

For the first time in my life, through your words, I feel a proud and beautiful connection to Judaism.
 In the past, I have felt shame about my heritage, embarrassment, and an overall lack of deep
spirituality.  Especially now, I so appreciate your interpretations and heartfelt teachings.  I cannot
thank you enough.
                                                                               Lisa S

Mindy Ribner is a gifted spiritual teacher and healer who uses her connection to God, the Jewish
(mystical) tradition and her practice of psychotherapy and meditation to help people get closer to
themselves and to God.  Being in her presence is always a gift.
                                                                               Susan Mitrany

"Though I have been Jewish all my life, it was not until I did meditation with Mindy did I feel a
closeness with God, any real understanding of what Judaism is all about, and what it really
means to me. As a result, I have become a better person, clearly more accepting, calmer, and
positive in outlook."
                                                                               Terry Duffy

Endorsements from Rabbis & Teachers

"Jewish Meditation is not just a way to be centered and balanced. It is so much deeper. Mindy is
one of the special human beings who never forgets there is one God. She has the privilege of
bringing the deep teachings of the holy rebbes to the world. Her meditations go straight to the
heart of every person. So much holiness. It is a privilege to learn with her".
                                                                     Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach of blessed memory

Reb Mindy is a sure guide for anyone who want to relate to God through Jewish meditation. She
opens the heart to experience hitlahuvut( fervor and devotion).
                                                                     Rabbi Zalman Schecter- Shalomi, Aleph

"I have been a student of Mindy Ribner for 18 years. Mindy's filtering Jewish symbols, images, and
language through her sensitive soul enable me to experience my Jewish tradition in a new way(
which is really an old way). Here I find the nourishment my soul needs. Mindy's teachings of the
deeper spiritual meaning of the Torah portions, months, holidays give me a meaningful
framework for daily living."
                                                                     Rabbi Neal Kaunfer,
                                                                     New York City Board of Jewish Education

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