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Come for the Meditation, Stay for the Community
Mindy's Books
Month by Month
New Age
Mindy is one of the special
human beings who never
forgets there is one God. She
has the privilege of bringing
the deep teachings of the holy
rebbes. Her meditations go
straight to the heart of every  

Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, z"l
An invaluable tool for anyone
in search of their inner self.
Everyday Kabbalah offers
guidance that will enrich your
life with the power of editation
within the integrity of the
Jewish tradition.

Rabbi Simon Jacobson,
Author of
Toward a Meaningful Life
A remarkable contribution for
helping to make the
month-by-month Jewish
spiritual journey. It is inspiring,
and informing, and
transforming. Based on
Ribner's genial control of the
sources and her experiential
know-how, this book is a
Rabbi Zalman M.
ALEPH, Alliance for Jewish
Price:  $12.95 US
Price:  $22.95 US
Price:  $22.95 US
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For the first time in my life, through your words, I feel a proud and beautiful connection to Judaism.  
In the past, I have felt shame about my heritage, embarrassment, and an overall lack of deep
spirituality.  Especially now, I so appreciate your interpretations and heartfelt teachings.  I cannot
thank you enough.
                                                                            Lisa Helfer

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