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Come for the Meditation, Stay for the Community
Meditative Chants & Music by Melinda Ribner on CD!
Meditative Songs and Chants for Healing and
Spiritual Elevation.

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As these songs came to me in meditation, these songs will bring people easily into a state of
profound inner peace and meditation. Coming out of the kabbalistic tradition, the message of
this CD Holy is simple. Each human being is given a holy soul and this soul is a part of the
Divine. When we are in touch with the divine soul within us, we experience spiritual
homecoming to our true essence and healing on all levels of being." says Melinda Ribner,
long time teacher of Jewish meditation and meditative kabbalah.

The pure voice of the singers accompanied by the sounds of the ancient Jewish shofar, the
European flute, African drums or the Asian gong bring listeners to a sacred space, where the
experience of Divine within our hearts becomes tangible. Tuning into Holy is like listening to
the best news ever, a beautiful musical proclamation of the holiness of each and every
human being that is accessible through their unique soul relationship with the Divine.
"Most of the songs are based on Jewish verses of psalms or Torah translated into English
with the exception of one song which is the traditional "Shalom Aleichem", the Greeting of the
Angels sung on Friday night of the Sabbath" Melinda explains " I always had my own Shalom
Aleichem tune, a melody just kept coming back to me whenever Would make Shabbat by
myself. For some unknown reason, probably not from this life time, I had to sing this melody."
In this rendition of her melody, she offers an inspiring dramatic interpretation of the Hebrew
words of this song.

Another song entitled "Holy Shabbos" came to Melinda when she was instructing a friend in
Shabbat candle lighting and wanted it to be a powerful spiritual experience for her. "I hope
that these songs will help people realize the holiness of Shabbat', said Melinda.

"Be holy for I am your G-d is holy' was the first chant that came to Melinda and is one that she
often uses in her Beit Miriam holiday gatherings she conducts. It is a chant that repeats over
and over again a 10-minute-long chant on Holy the healing message that we really can't hear
enough. Based on a verse in Torah this holy chant transmits a direct experience of our unity
with the Creator that inspires us to belike God and bring out our intrinsic Godliness in our life.

A long time student of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, a leading composer of Jewish music,
Melinda also known as Mindy experienced first hand how music opens the gates to a
person's soul. Following in his footsteps,in her own unique way, this CD "holy" is a spiritual
transmission, providing an accessible and direct experience of holiness of each person, the
holiness of world and a taste of the bliss and joy of the Divine Presence that is possible for
the human being to experience in this world.

Track Listing:
1. The Soul Is Pure (5:02) Download Sample
2.  Crystal Bowl
3.  In My Light (6:31)
Download Sample
Crystal Bowl
Be Holy (10:3)
6.  Crystal Bowl
7.  Angels, Angels (6:15)
8.  Holy Shabbos (5:15)
9.  Shalom Aleichem (4:17)
10.  Crystal Bowl Meditation (0:42)
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