Come for the Meditation, Stay for the Community
In the footsteps and spirit of Miriam, sister of
Moses, an ancient prophetess who in biblical
times led the women of Egypt through the
splitting of the Sea, singing and dancing to a
fuller dimension of life comes Beit Miriam.  

With its offering of alternative holiday
celebrations, meditation classes, retreats,
training programs, CDs and books, and
spiritual transformational counseling and
healing, Beit Miriam seeks to embody the
spirit, power, and voice of the feminine within
Judaism that has been largely hidden since
ancient times.  In line with the paradigm shift
occurring in the world today, Beit Miriam
mirrors a new healing and integration of the
masculine and feminine that is reflective of
our day and also rooted in Torah, Kabbalah
and Biblical prophecies.  

It is the goal of Beit Miriam to make the
ancient wisdom and practices of kabbalistic
meditation, Jewish prayer, counseling and
personal spiritual transformation and healing
available in a variety of different ways to both
individuals and groups, men and women,
Jews of all affiliations and non-Jews.

May the work of Beit Miriam be holy and done
for the sake the unification of the Holy One
(The Divine Masculine) and the Shechinah
(The Divine Feminine), in the name of Israel:  
May there be peace in our hearts, in our
relationships, in the Land of Israel and the
world.  May the Oneness and Unity of the
Divine be known and revealed in our lives.
Tu b'Av Gathering 2004
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